As a new Family-Owned disc golf company, Lone Star Disc has a different sponsorship philosophy than most other companies. 

We believe that growing the sport requires more than just sending out discs and gear to mobs of people. Instead, we’d rather find people who:

  • Have a true passion for the sport.
  • Do great things for their communities.
  • Can promote the sport–and our brand–in a positive manner

...and invite them to join our family.


What can you expect when you join the Lone Star Disc Family? 

Sponsorships will vary. Top-Tier sponsorships could potentially include yearly disc allotments, apparel stipends, performance bonuses, tournament entry fees, and/or travel reimbursements.The majority of offers though will typically be limited to some free or discounted discs and/or apparel as well as a points-based incentive to earn additional rewards! 

Regardless of your sponsorship level, you will instantly become a part of our family. We will invite you to our private Facebook Group where you can communicate with other TEAM members, TEAM Captains, the TEAM Manager, and even the owners and family members of Lone Star Disc! 

You will also get insider-tips and first-dibs on new unreleased products!  Each TEAM member will also receive at least one Lone Star Disc item upon joining the family free-of-charge.

Please know that we have high expectations for promotion. We will hold high expectations for ourselves as well. We are committed to our family and will do everything in our power to ensure its success. 

We are successful when you are successful. 

If you think that you would be a good fit for the Lone Star Disc family,
then we invite you to apply!
Thank you for your interest in joining TEAM Lone Star Disc.
Together we will have a successful season!